Why should I tip a taxi driver? It’s one of the most asked questions among cab passengers. Actually, tipping a cab driver isn’t mandatory at all. Despite the fact, there are still some people who tip and some that don’t. In the cab drivers’ eyes, there are 2 kinds of passengers – the one who tips and the other one who doesn’t. On the other hand, from the perspective of the clients, there are also 2 types of cab drivers – the one who expects tips from clients, and the one who doesn’t.

Both the parties (the passenger and the driver) put their own argument forward with regards to this matter. However, the conclusion isn’t drawn until now and generally will never be drawn. However, one thing is surely true – tipping fully depends on the wish of the customer and driver can’t compel them.

So, if you’re riding on a cab and doubting whether to tip or not, then consider the few things we have listed below and simply take the decision according to these factors:

1. Knowledge of the Driver

Aside from the regulations and rules of traffic, a good taxi cab driver has strong knowledge and experience about the alternative routes, shortest route, as well as the local areas. He’s good at this kind of job and doesn’t ask you any direction the moment you tell him the correct street address. But if you’re new in the place, he can also suggest you the most ideal hotel as well as the best things you can do in the city during your stay.

If your taxi cab driver meets that criteria, then you can tip him since his own knowledge and experience has helped you enjoy your ride plus you know more about the city. Otherwise, you probably could have wandered anywhere costing more money and ruining your time. Nonetheless, his knowledge gave you peace of mind, so it’s best that you tip him.

On the other hand, you should also think twice before you tip the taxi driver who lacks knowledge about the local area. If this is the case, you can just exchange smile with your driver and then end up saying thank you.

2. Service

Aside from the fact that the driver can take you to your destination, hiring a taxi cab also means that you expect the best service. Certainly, traffic jam can’t be controlled by the taxi driver but they also have the choice of taking an alternative route that will help decrease the driving hour and it can benefit you a lot.

So, don’t hesitate to give your driver some reward if he happens to anticipate any issue related to the road and traffic and despite the situation, he still drives you safely to your preferred destination on time. It’s not just the monetary reward for the driver but it’s also a motivation which will encourage him to deliver best service to his customers in the future. To know more tips, visit taxi for hire Grand Prairie.